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Our strength lies in our dedicated team of highly committed members of staff and the way in which we work with our customers. Our organisation runs on well-trained members of staff who have been working for Eurocase for years. For our customers this means continuity and quality and being able to rely on the same contact person and sparring partner. We attach a lot of value to good mutual relationships and, as such, also with our customers. Eurocase aims to build up a permanent relationship with every customer, with attention, commitment and mutual respect for each other's expertise.

Eurocase B.V. has been around since 1996, but originated from a successful marketing organization, founded in the 1970s. Core business of this organization were - national and international - marketing campaigns, but over the years, fulfillment and customer service also developed into important pillars. It was decided to divest the marketing branch in 1996 and then continue as Eurocase in logistics and customer communication. Eurocase has always been established in Elst, but moved to a building on Platinaweg in 2016 due to lack of space.

We believe we can provide our customers with a full-service solution to the extent that they can fully focus on their core business and that this allows both the customer and Eurocase to innovate and move on to the next steps in business together.

Eurocase takes care of the logistics and customer communication for its customers and optimises the related processes. Eurocase strives to establish permanent customer relationships.

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